Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks to the Wonderful Kenyetta...

I just want to thank my dear friend Kenyetta for putting together this BLOG. I need all the help I can get when it comes to Tech, Numbers, Organization, and Culmination of fact finding info. I also would like to thank her for explaining Errata to me. Hugs to you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cabled Capelet

Wedding Cake

Vintage Flowers Tote

Shrug It Off

Pin Stripes and Flowers Felted Tote

Petticoat Junction Dress

My Sweet Tam-boreen

Mo- Arc Bag

Knitters Felted Tote

Hippie Bootleg Pants

Hippie Bolero

Back and Forth Skirt

I have not knit this one

Plum Rose Place Tote

I have not knit this one- anyone?

Arm-egeddon Sleeves

It should say repeat 15 rows 5 times total (4 more times) instead of 20 rows.

My Ex bag

No problems found

Curbing Bag

No problems found.

Stitch- Torian Sweater

  • Increase for shoulders should read
Row 5 Inc 1 st at each end while working pattern
Row 6 work even in pattern
Rep rows 5 &6 3 (4,4) times (4,5,5 times total)
8 (10,10) sts increased 66(72,72) sts total
  • Connecting the front and back should read:
Place held sts on same needle as current sts, casting on 6 (8,10) in between the two pieces work even in pattern across all sts (78, 88, 92) sts on needles
work even for 3, 5, 7 inches
BO 6, 8, 10 sts at beg of next two rows
Row 5: Dec 1 st at each end while working in pattern
Row 6: work even in pattern
Rep Rows 5 & 6 -3, 4,4, times more (4,5,5 times total) 58 (62,620 sts on needles
work even until measures 6 (8, 10) inches

From Srd5678

I'm sure there's a way to do this more neatly and i tried to put the inches in, but my math wasn't adding up. Please tell her, that the issues aren't that bad. Once the errata gets integrated into the pattern, it's really easy to follow.
Something else that i just thought of--when drawing the diagram, make the sewn seam edges bold.
starting number of stitches is not divisble by 4
-- not sure if this is important, but a knit and purl would end up at the seam if it was

make sure it is clear that each section should end in row 4 of waffle pattern
increase for shoulder section:
add to work even in pattern "until sleeve measures" and end in row 4 of waffle pattern--make sure to add at any point of "knit so many inches" that it is clear to where to measure from. ie work 3 more inches or sleeve will measure blah blah.
"work 35 sts, place marker"--why do you need a marker when you're going to bind off. It will fall off.

for the back section (the held stitches) make sure it ends on a row 4

new ball of yarn section-- end it in row 4 -- place held stitches on needles, knit across, cast on the extra stitches and knit across new section

when picking up stitches for the body, make a suggestion where to start.
This is important for the section where you say knit the remaining stitches instead of increasing or decreasing and the puckers won't be evenly distributed and this should probably be in the back? I tried starting mine at an underarm so that the weird spot where the row changes would be hidden, but i don't think this is where you started.
You might suggest starting the collar at the base of the V and then pick up and extra one at the corner of the neck to help turn the corner.

The only other thing that would make this super dooper cool is if the sleeves could be knitted in the round and eliminating the under arm seaming--that would only leave the side seam for an inch

Eskimo Pie Baby Hoodie

I have knit this with no problem

Ramble Bramble Cardigan

Feedback so far:
  • Gauge 16 stitches and 18 rows for 4 inches with worsted weight and US 10.5 needles
  • Picked up 70 stitches instead of 82 around the front edge
  • Total yardage for the smallest size was 200 yards.

Sample test knit by Karen (kitandkaboodle)

Oh My! Baby Bootie

No problems found with these.

Baby Roots Cardigan

  • row 1 should read
K8 (9,10) k1fb, pm, k1fb, k8 (8,8), k1fb, pm, k1fb, k20 (22, 22), k1fb, pm, k1fb, k8(8,8) k1fb, k8(9,10)
  • After repeats you should end with a total of 124, 144, 162 stitches
  • When you divide for sleeves and work body should read
Row 1: k18 (20,23) slip next 25 (30,34) sts to scrap yarn, k38(44,48) sts, slip next 25(30,34) sts to scrap yarn, knit 18(20,23)

  • To work sleeves should read:
Row 1: Pick up 3 (2,2) sts from edges k25 (30,34) pick up 2 more stitches from edge 30, 34, 38 sts

Entrelac for Nothin' Beanie

I have knit this and the only problem is it should be 7mm needles instead of US7

Let's Get this Started

I have decided to set this up as place where corrections for all ADHD Knitting patterns can be stored. Gail and I also welcome all feedback comments and suggestions. This will be helpful to anyone who has or will knit an ADHD Knitting pattern!